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Dr. Joyce: The Chinese Government’s Lies Cost American Lives & Livelihoods

Congressman John Joyce, M.D. (PA-13) today emphasized the Chinese Communist Party’s coverup of the coronavirus outbreak and outlined his work on the China Task Force to hold this hostile regime accountable. Watch his full remarks on the House Floor.

Mr. Speaker, after too long, Americans are waking up to the danger of the Chinese Communist Party. As we combat the economic and health ramifications of coronavirus, it’s never been more important that we take on this hostile regime.  

It has been my honor to serve on the China Task Force and help expose the threats that the Chinese Communist Party poses to our national security and to the American people.

Just yesterday, Congressman Michael McCaul released the House Foreign Affairs Committee’s report into the origins of the coronavirus pandemic. Their evidence clearly confirms that the Chinese government covered up the coronavirus, enabling a local outbreak to escalate into a deadly pandemic.

The Chinese Communist Party knew that the coronavirus could be spread by human to human transmission. And yet, this regime hid key findings from global leaders, public health experts, and even the World Health Organization.

Leaders in the Chinese government knew that this virus could be catastrophic; and yet, they deliberately chose to cover up their missteps rather than sound an alarm and warn the world about the virus that they had unleased.

Their lies cost American livelihoods. Their lies cost American lives. This pandemic’s destruction could have been prevented - this didn’t have to happen.

Now, Americans are facing a choice. If we do not act now, who will stop the Chinese Communist Party from simply repeating this coverup? Inaction is not an option. America must prevent another pandemic from reaching our shores.

And, our work can’t stop there. Sadly, the Chinese government’s malicious acts extend far beyond the coronavirus pandemic.

From cyberattacks on American citizens and blatant overreach into our virtual networks to espionage in our academic institutions and illicit fentanyl that kills on American streets, we cannot ignore the Chinese government’s pervasive threats to our nation.

Mr. Speaker, this is no “distraction.” It is reality. For the safety of the American people and the future of our nation, the Chinese Communist Party must be held accountable.

For months, the China Task Force has been focused on researching these issues and exploring legislative solutions. We are working on a final report that will detail our findings and recommend a pragmatic path forward. 

While our work on this report is coming to a close, our commitment to this cause will continue.

During these busy days, I recognize that many issues are competing for America’s time. But, to be fair, these threats require action.

The Chinese government’s coverup of the coronavirus pandemic requires action. The Chinese government’s persecution of Uyghurs requires action. The Chinese government’s monopoly of the medical supply chain requires action. The Chinese government’s attempts to control the world’s network require action.

Despite the challenges that we are facing, the American people must stand together against the Chinese Communist Party.

Our national security should never be a partisan issue. The health of the American people should never be a partisan issue. By working together, we can strengthen our defenses, defend human rights, spur innovation, and equip Americans to lead the way in global innovation.

Moving forward, it is imperative that America continues to strengthen our supply chain, to pursue fairer trade deals with China, and – ultimately – to hold the Chinese Communist Party accountable for its actions.

Once again, it has been my privilege to serve the American people as a member of the China Task Force. I thank Leader Kevin McCarthy for the opportunity to serve, and I am grateful to Chairman Michael McCaul for his leadership.

This is a long road, but it is worth the fight. And, as always, I believe America will win. Thank you, and I yield.

Watch Dr. Joyce’s full remarks and read more about the China Task Force. The House Foreign Affairs Committee report on the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic is available here.


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